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From April to September I will be open Fri, Sat, Sun and Mondays 11am-4pm or by appointment.

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This is a store for antique seekers and enthusiastic collectors. There is a large collection of vintage, retro and nostalgic items that can complement your home, business or add to your own memorabilia.

If you’re seeking that special something, for yourself or as a gift – chose from well-displayed selections of fine china, silver,  costume jewelry, vintage clothing or antique furniture pieces, linen and kitchenalia.

The owner Kim Henderson has wide-ranging knowledge and enthusiasm for all the items in-store and is there to your answer your questions, make suggestions and gladly help you in the future by keeping an eye out for that special piece you have in mind.

In Kim’s words: – if you’re an enthusiastic collector, love antiques and vintage wares or just here to browse – Silk Road is a must visit!……It is my belief that “old treasures deserve new homes”.

Kim Henderson

About Kim

Hi my name is Kim Henderson. I grew up in Canada and I have loved collecting since I was a young girl and visiting relatives and friends homes rich in antique furniture and collectables. I was intrigued by the stories behind each piece…whom they belonged to and where they came from.
When possible, I think it is wonderful to keep antiques and collectables together with a short note about ‘their story’ so that their provenance can travel with them. This connects us to the past and allows future generations to love and appreciate special items.

I’m often seen as the saviour of these lovely pieces. I like giving pieces a new home where someone will appreciate their beauty and significance.  Antiques were often made to stand the test of time provided they have been well cared for. It’s wonderful to take something that may not serve its original purpose – and give it a new one!
And that is why I set-up my store “Silk Road”. I personally select all the items on display, antiques, vintage collectables, memorabilia and other items because I believe it’s great to have a piece of history to treasure that gives you, your home or buisness an interesting and personal point of difference.

For me, the first rule-of-thumb is to “buy what speaks to you”.
You’ll know that piece when you see it.

‘Letting go’  of special treasures can be quite difficult and emotional, I understand this and can help to make the process easier.

So whether you are a ‘seller’ or a ‘buyer’, I endeavour to  run my “Silk Road” business with a very personal and heart-felt passion plus plenty of knowledge, compassion  and a tireless curiosity to chat with the people I meet along the way.

What We Do:

*Retail store for Antiques and Collectables:- Open Daily from 11am-4pm (winter hours)

*Prop Hire:- every thing from clothes to furniture can be hired on a daily or weekly basis. I offer this service for parties, events, film and stage productions

*Estate Sales, downsizing and moving sales:- I can help you find new homes for treasured antiques and collectables. Also advise and assist on other options such as auctions.

*Selling on behalf of:- I usually work on a % basis (seller gets 55%) This may differ depending on the items’  value as well as  the amount of  involvement required.

*Sherlock Holmes Service:- I love the challenge of helping you find that special item and I keep a diary of my customers’ wish lists. I can match you with sellers I deal with and other antique dealers if required.


Did you know?

Recently David Teplitzky and his wife Peggy Scott of ‘One day 1 Change’ visited Silk Road. David, and avid contemporary art collector, shared his love of ‘bead collecting’ with me. He travels the world in search of rare beads and has amassed a much knowledge on the subject. His enthusiasm inspired me to learn more about ‘bead collecting’. Without going into too much detail… Did you know?

~Zulu people of south Africa send messages coded in necklace form using beads. For example, a married Zulu women wear different traditional bead adornment than unmarried women. A Turkana widow in Kenya wears only white beads as a sign of mourning.

~Beads also help to define gender, economic status, social roles and group affiliation in other societies.

~They are also used as bearers of magic power and protection, used in prayer and as currency in some countries.

~Beads and subsequently the necklaces made of them, can be used as money. They represent wealth that can be stored and hidden as well as carried on the person.

Today, as in ancient times, precious stones, gold and pearls represent safely invested assets. But the material out of which currency has been made most universally is shells but we will leave this for another time to focus on!
On a personal note, in 1999 I made each member of my family matching bead bracelets to wear when we went traveling to help to identify us in the case that we were separated from each other. To this day these bracelets remind us of our trip, represent us as a family and feel very special. We plan to use them as heirlooms to pass onto the next generation.

For more information on ‘bead collecting’ search online. There are also many excellent resource books on the subject.

2348 Cardrona Valley Road, Rd2 Wanaka, 9382

021 495 569


Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

11am-4pm or by appointment

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